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Advise you do "cleaner"

ʱ䣺2017-4-6 21:47:11

With "snow or" described in today's information world, is not too much. Every day in front of the "snow" swirl, netizens was delighted and perplexed. To average people, they seem more willing to do a "information vacuum" - for what "harmful microwave theory", "food of poisonous theory" or many believe no record of yarns. Is hateful, covering the earth and the sky of the network era, as some invisible figure "ErBaDao paradise," the stranger "flea" all day long suspected promulgated "bad news", always let functional departments, experts and "pest control agent" couldn't keep up with especially.


Unfortunately, the "bad news travels fast, bad news travels fast" is still as the old saying, "the truth". Turn on the TV, read newspapers, the Internet search, with negative reports. Food safety, the doctor-patient contradiction, construction quality, official corruption, murder and rape cases and so on "hot spots" emerge in endlessly. For some psychological, the heart more "preference" this kind of bad news, or use it as a life experience, or as to attract others to talk about. It seems they have no interest in "good news" was born - in fact, everyone wants to have a safe and happy with family and friends. This strange mental phenomena, scientists have long been noticed. Media reports, a new study suggests the compared with the positive news, why are people more interested in negative news and gossip. Researchers have found that our brain on hearing negative news about someone else, will force us to stare at other people's face. In order to verify the relevant conclusions, the scientists showed the some pictures of ordinary stranger, and with some "social information - such as" this is good, bad or bad not bad people. Negative information includes such as "she is a liar", and "he threw a chair at someone", etc., and then, the researchers show with a photo, so-called "eyes competition" experiments, the experiment would allow each eye to see different pictures, found that people tend to negative information related to spend more time in the picture. This test enough attention: over time, the head of people became a "vacuum". Over time again, the head of the dust accumulation is overmuch, again not active cleared, could lead to the whole people become depressed and suspicious, and then lose motivation and life fun, become "contemporary worrywarts". Insight, points out that as the media and information disseminator, should be the real national conditions, social situation comprehensively, introduced to the audience, responsibly any biased and grandstanding and even false behavior, is not a responsible media reports or communicators should have orientation. Of course, we thank the brave and responsible "bit", if they have not disclosed, I'm afraid you still eating problem capsule, drinking chlorinated coke, lived by "slimming" affordable housing smug. To some extent, these people of justice as to purify the social environment, improve the quality of the public life, and to defend the disgraceful consideration social fairness and justice. However, from a moral level, information publishers have to consider the strength of the "vacuum cleaner", select the appropriate release way - because a lot of psychological quality is weak, giving too many headwinds. Now a ghost, named "depression" is hover on our heads. Who can say clear between the disease and bad information what relation?


But should also see: business operators more than the average person a tension. Especially intensified globalization today, the enterprise is often a small accident or accidents to expand to the whole country and even the world, have their ears as thunderbolt dire consequences, serious may make enterprise "death". Therefore many enterprises have set up the crisis public relations department, ready to meet the storm. Enterprises have the crisis pr agencies, ordinary people also should make oneself has certain "immunity". In order to protect themselves and to protect family members, for those who attract eyeball singular subject, want to ask a few more "why"? Don't easily transfer letter. In addition, also have a mature cognitive view: such as a wicked guy vomitted an one mouthful phlegm in the lawn, does not represent the whole lawn are dirty.